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We are a small but mighty team of creatives who are passionate about what we do. Unlike traditional floral companies, we approach floral design from an art perspective with you as our muse. 

As a team, we combine floristry, styling and custom set design, making every event that get’s our magic touch…a work of art.

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Stephanie Mack

Where you see nothingness, I see a blank canvas for epic floral art.


I’ve always done my own thing. I was the girl who learned to braid her hair at the age of 4, drew tattoos on my arms with a sharpie during school, and almost lost several jobs for violating the dress code. Oops.


I fall somewhere in between the quiet painter and the party animal. I’m a Scorpio Sagittarius cusp and I’m passionate & loyal AF. I pour my heart and soul into whatever I do, especially when it comes to this dream job of mine.


Other things that light my fire: 90s hip hop, rollercoasters, laughter, craft cocktails, my motorcycle, dogs, boutique hotels, the ocean, spicy food, Wes Anderson movies, tarot cards, tattoos, New Orleans, rollerblading.

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